Current Bridge Status

M48 Severn Bridge Status: Green
M4 Second Severn Crossing: The bridge is open to all traffic
M48 Severn Bridge Status: Green
M48 Severn Bridge: The bridge is open to all traffic

Explanation of Status Changes

The status or either of the Severn Bridges can be set as open, closed or closed to high-sided vehicles. Circumstances that trigger a full or partial closure include:

  • Adverse weather conditions, particularly high winds, low visibility and freezing conditions;
  • Road traffic incidents where continued use of the bridge compromises safety;
  • Other unforeseen situations.

Severn River Crossing Plc does not have the authority to close either the M48 Severn Bridge or the M4 Second Severn Crossing to traffic.

This authority can be exercised only by the Highways Agency and / or Avon and Somerset Police/Gwent Police. This authority is exercised by the Highways Agency / Police Forces in respect of Road Traffic Accidents/Incidents and, in the case of the M48 Severn Bridge, in respect of High Wind Restrictions.

For Closure Information Contact the Highways Agency on 0300 123 5000.